Reliable winter camping equipment can come at a premium when compared to the typical summer kit but those makers of all things camping Coleman have produced affordable zero degree mummy bags for those of us who don’t see the winter months as a barrier to enjoying outdoor activities.

Loaded with some good features to help keep you warm during the cold nights we have seen this bag sold for as little $42 online. Retaining heat by sealing yourself in as much as possible is the best way to enjoy a comfortable sleep on cold nights, with extra protection around the feet and chest area Coleman have addressed the problems of heat loss from some crucial parts of the body.

Coleman Zero Degree Mummy Bag

Coleman Zero Degree Mummy Bag
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  • Complete polyester construction
  • Dimensions 32″x82″, suitable for 6 foot people
  • Insulated draft tube runs the full length of bag
  • Durable polyester cover
  • Coleman’s ComfortSmart Technology
  • Machine washable

Mummy Bags for Tall People

One of the main problem areas of the body for heat loss during sleep is the head and at well over six foot I have always had to spend some time when choosing a winter bag. Curling up a little bit does almost let the tall person get away with a slightly short sleeping bag but while you may be able to sleep that way under good conditions its not always going to be possible depending on where you are camping.

When measuring up a potential bag remember the outside length isn’t going to reflect available room inside and you must consider facts like having the ability to sleep stretched out and the extra room needed for any clothes you wear. There have been occasions when Ive had to sleep with a big pair of boots on and without proper judgement of my sleeping equipment before purchase I would have had some very cold nights on the mountain.

If you can get your whole body enclosed in the bag it will mean for a better nights sleep when the temperatures start to drop.

Even when squared away this is a bit of a cumbersome sleeping bag which might make it a size problem any long distance backpacking trying to save on pack space unless you can find a way to compress it some more.

For the money Coleman have produced a bag with some good features that will be more than adequate in most normal winter weather. Remember that price always reflect functionality when it comes to camping equipment and while the Coleman zero degree mummy bag does offer great value for money if used for its designed temperatures do not attempt to use in full arctic conditions (that is a whole different price bracket).

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