Just coming back from a walk and wondering why my one boot felt loose (even though I’d redone the laces a few times). Couldn’t really see much until I got home, but I should have known, I mean these boots have been with me a few short months now and imminent failure was bound to be expected.

This time though they’ve skipped the familiar slow lingering death where the soles are ground down to nothing and opted for the (more sudden) structural breakdown (pictured below). On a roll this year as this is my second pair already and the summers only just begun.

Went over a few times on my last 3 Day Wild Camping outing and almost sure this is where the final blow came from.

damaged boot

Not so Waterproof now, are you 🙂

Every Cloud and All That

I like to find the upside in everything and although a bit miffed that these boots have only just about started feeling comfortable, I now get to go and buy something new.

Shopping isn’t usually one of my favorite ways to spend time, but when it comes to camping/hiking kit, there’s no stopping me 🙂

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