You’ve seen all the photos spread around on social media of tents attached to the side of cliffs, where the occupants can get a nights sleep but would you give it a go?.

cliff camping

Maybe sleeping in some of the more risky places has lost its edge and your looking for something else. A fear of heights has to rule you out as just getting into your sleeping quarters is going to involve dangling over a cliff edge, and that’s before you’ve spent the night.

Cliff Camping In Wales

Setting something like this up (safely) has to take a fair bit of expertise with a very messy situation if its not done right. As with most activities these days even the more outlandish ones can be done if your prepared to pay the price.

Gaia Adventures in Llanberis has these cliff camping nights up for grabs but they come with a hefty price tag. The “tents” sleep a maximum of 3 people and with the price largely based per tent instead of person it might be a good idea to find a few more brave souls.

Going it alone will cost £450, two persons is £250 each and by filling the tent out with 3 people its £190 per person.

Each To Their Own

Seriously though, this type of overnight accommodation isn’t for me. Don’t get me wrong there’s no problem with heights and a nice collection of scars tells of a life spent taking risks but I’d be relying on system I didn’t make or setup.

Also I’d rather spend the money on a 3 or 4 day camping/hiking trip somewhere in Scotland.

As a once in a lifetime experience it could be a good gift for someone, just make sure their comfortable with the idea before springing it on them 🙂

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