You’d think that all the time spent outdoors would bring me more than a few injuries every year, but I choose to have the worst ones just doing the same daily routine as everybody else.

The latest ‘mishap’ was aimed at my right knee and was the result of walking into an object bigger, heavier than me and at just the right height to give the knee cap a good whack 🙂

With so much time off over this holiday season, I’m not letting this get in my way and have been out walking as much as possible to free up the joint. As with most semi-rural places there are plenty of back roads to walk and this post has pictures of my latest 10 mile(ish) trek up towards Birmingham (or more precisely, Kings Norton).

redditch lane

Endless Lanes

chance of a woodland wild camp

Those Woods Look Like a Possible Wild Camping Spot, Marked Down for Investigation Later

These walks do help to find potential local wild camping spots and have turned up more than a few over the course of this year. The woods in the distance (pictured above) look just about right for my new found craze of woodland camping and will be scouted once the wet weather eases up a bit (its no fun battling through a soaking wet wood).

endless country lane

Not a Bad Day for Walking, a Little Cold but Thankfully no Wind

m42 traffic jam

Christmas Traffic Jam, Glad I’m Not in It 🙂

I’m always thankful that I don’t have to travel for work when I see jams like the one above. This is the traffic building up on one of the M42 junctions, the bad thing for the drivers you see down there is they are still about a mile from the junction and already at a stand still 🙂

lane into weatheroak

Sun at My Back = Shadow Selfie!

windy country lane

Working My Way Down to Birmingham

kings norton road sign

Not Far to Train Back Home!

Not Breaking Any Records Today

A touch over 3 hrs does seem a lot of time to cover about 10 miles but lane walking does slow things down because you’ll be spending most of your time avoiding getting run over 🙂

Watching the corners, stepping onto whatever verge is available and trying not to cause a massive pile up, does add time to any lane walk and its the reason I always try to do these kind of treks when there’s not going to be much traffic about.

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