You see them everywhere exiting from main roads or country lanes and while they offer the chance of a shortcut (sometimes) or a bit of exploring, they are very rarely marked with any idea about where they actually go.

Public footpaths in the UK weave across most of our countryside and you’ll never have to walk far to find one, but maybe they’d be more useful (and used) if we had information about their destination.

public footpath sign

Yeah, the paths look like their going in a general direction at the start and provided they don’t follow field boundaries, you’ll most likely be OK, but I’ve wandered down more than a few that end up being a serious detour (with some nothing more than a big loop).

That Local Thing

If you live locally, you’ll probably already know where the footpaths are and more importantly where they end up. So marking a footpath with a sign isn’t really a necessity, this doesn’t apply to visitors who need signs along with even a rough destination to make an informed decision before taking those routes.

Am I overthinking this? , its just never made any sense and has bothered me for far too long 🙂

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