I’ve been playing around with the ‘Video Round Up’ theme for a while now and thought its time to make it a regular thing. Watching videos of other people getting outdoors is first a great way to past the time along with throwing out tips on places to sleep and ideas for new camping kit.

The volume of videos posted during the winter understandably drops off but there’s still enough hardy folk making quality footage.

Winter Wild Camping Without A Tent

Love this guy, he’s proper happy with being outdoors and its good to see people making use of the wonderful network of bothies. Not sure about his food choices though? a diet of spam, chocolate, black pudding all topped off with red wine might make for an interesting night with the very real possibility that I’d retreat outside just for some fresh air 🙂

Grain Tower Sea Fort Wild Camp

This ones more than a little different and if I’d happened across this ‘fort’ it would be at the top of my ‘not sleeping there’ list. All the graffiti would a be red flag to me and a sure sign I’d probably be disturbed by drunk/high/monosyllabic children half way through the night.

These guys seem well at home though.

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