Its been a while since I’ve had the time to sit down and trawl through all the You-Tube channels I’m subscribed to (as you can imagine most of my free time at the moment is being spent outdoors), but the new content watched over the last few days has been most welcome.

A Scottish Wanderer Cook Out

Yes, I know this guy got to go first last time one of these posts went out, but he’s whacking a lot of content up right now (and makes me laugh). There’s loads of cooking videos on this You-Tube channel and if outdoor cooking is your thing, its well worth having a look.

He’s just hit 10,000 subscribers, so must be doing something right and this video is all about cooking with one of the Trangia Billy Pots (the meat to veg ratio in the soup is a bit low for me though!).

Richard Smith

This a new channel added to the list in the last week or two. The one thing that made me subscribe is the video series of Richard walking the Southern Upland Way (its on my to do list). Every stage/day is given its own video and there’s no shortage of scenery, including some footage from his drone!

The style of video may take a bit of getting used to, but stick with it and its all good 🙂

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