The weathers turning better all round at the moment and with overnight temperatures vastly improved from a few weeks ago, an army of wild campers are gearing up for the cracking summer months ahead.

The early spring outings are a great time to brush off old kit and maybe try out some new sites. Looking for nice (mostly) snow free views of the UK’s countryside (for a change), the two videos below caught my eye while doing the usual daily YouTube trawl.

Wild Camping In Galoway Forest

This place has been plastered all over the Facebook camping groups I frequent and is quickly heading to the top spot of sites I’d like to get out to this year. The Scottish Wandering is one of the people from my subscribed list and his happiness at being outdoors never fails to raise a smile, although Olly doesn’t look happy when they wake up early to pitch black woods 🙂

Wild Camping in The Black Mountains

This cracking 15min video is filmed in the beautiful Welsh (my homeland) Black Mountains. Spent a lot of time around this area over the years and although I recognized some of the route to get to this fantastic camping spot, I’ve never stumbled across the actual place itself (I’ll be on a mission to find it now!).

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