With all the great wild camping videos that get posted online every month we thought a quick run down of our favorites would be in order. This is going to be a regular feature which will be complied as close to the end of each month as possible.

Not only does it give you a chance to see what others are up to but it also gives me the chance to throw together a nice easy post without having to write too much 🙂

Dave’s Wild Camping – A Lake District Spectacular

First up is Dave’s Wild Camping who’s videos I’ve been watching for a while now. He’s been upping the rate at which he’s dropping videos onto YouTube recently (summer’s here). Always very detailed and usually with some great shots of the area, Dave’s vids are well worth the wait.

Just a quick warning that there can be some swearing in the videos on this channel, so no showing them to the kids 🙂

Solo Wild Camping at 1900 Feet on Dead Water Fell (Part 2) – The12thSagittarian

This YouTube poster is a new one on us but can’t fault a man who heads off for the high ground even when the weather’s a little on the drab side.

What’s interesting (at least to me) is the abandoned hut at 8 min 20 seconds into the video looking almost identical to a place I sometime use in Wales. This is the second of 3 parts for this wild camping trip and you’ll find the otherd on his YouTube Channel.

Hope you enjoyed these 2 vids, next month were going to take our time and find something right over on the very extreme side of wild camping.

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