Its dumb luck that just when the summer looks like its kicking in properly, Michelle has gone and decided to see if her right hand could win against a few big blocks of metal.

Not her fault, but just one of those random work injuries that pop up out of the blue now and then, still the timing sucks.

chez broken hand

Still Smiling Though!

Its been an interesting few days with a growing understanding of how life would be with just one hand, frustration for Michelle (or as she’s now known “leftie”) and amusement for me at the amount of things I now have to do for her (opening jars, washing hair, doing buttons up etc).

It could have been a lot worse and luckily its only a bit of tendon and muscle damage, which hopefully will be all but a slight scar in a few weeks. That said she’s in no fit state to go wild camping and would be a liability at the moment.

To top it off “leftie” has just discovered a passion for woodwork which has been put royalty on the back burner and to say she’s slightly miffed would be a huge understatement 🙂

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