OK I get that the travel industry has fallen onto the idea of “glamping” like a bunch of teenagers would on free MacDonald’s burgers and anything that boosts tourism (anywhere) can only be a good thing.

No, my one problem is how its too often tied to camping as some sort of hassle free alternative, ARGGHH!

I don,t know about you but I’ve never “happened” upon a massive waterproof, perfectly constructed tree house (complete with running water) on my travels or even a well placed bundle of canvas masquerading as a Yurt/Tipi/Marquee (delete as you see fit).

Butlins Chalets

Mosney Butlins, Ireland

This is just a more modern form of Butlins with many of the glorified huts looking frighteningly like the fabled holiday camp chalets (bad memories).

How Much!

There’s a funny side to all this (no honest), when you look at some of the places available for glamping.

Some look like refurbished chicken coops and your still paying a huge amount for the pleasure of plonking your arse down for the night, usually at much more the rate than a decent hotel room!.

I can find places like that for free and crawl into them for absolutely nothing 🙂

Its also the cost factor as camping has always been a way of ripping the family away from their PlayStation’s and the television for a few days while still managing to do it on the cheap. Going the glamping route is bringing the price of a family camping holiday back to a level the most can’t afford or are too intelligent to pay for.

It Is What It Is

Many of the places you can go glamping have been in operation for a while and once you’ve stripped out the more random and unusual places you can open your wallet to sleep in, the rest is just a massive re-branding exercise.

Oh yes if you think even the lowest priced glamping is giving you a taste of real camping, try spending a night (or two) stuck to the side of a Welsh mountain while the rain is trying to wash away you and your tent, then your getting it 🙂

Butlins photo courtesy of Wikipedia (Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license), Photo Credit Roger McLachlan

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