Paracord is one of those items that doesn’t take up much space in your backpack, has little weight and a large amount of uses. There’s always a need for high strength cord when camping especially if your interest lies outside organized campsites and you choose to get off the beaten track.

From adding extra guy wires to your tent if the weather is rough, replacement boot laces, a line to hang wet clothes to generally securing loose items, quality Paracord may be lucking in your kit for ages but in a pinch it’ll solve all sorts of jams.

TOUGH GRID 750lb mil spec Paracord

TOUGH GRID 750lb mil spec Paracord

You can Check out the MIL-SPEC TOUGH-GRID Paracord over at

When cutting Paracord its a good idea to burn and twist the ends so they don’t unravel along with making it a lot easier if your trying to thread it through a hole. If you’ve ever had to cut back stupidly long boots laces then you’ll know what I mean 🙂

Some Other Paracord Uses

Attaching your tarp to nearby trees if your doing away with the hassle of carrying a tent

Tying up a boat so it doesn’t float away and leave you stranded

Hanging food up high so bears and other animals cant get to it

Latch hikers together so they don’t get separate in the dark/storm/white out and turn a crappy situation into a dangerous one

Maybe not Ideal

Setting up a hammock?, maybe if there’s no other way, although its not secure as purpose made hammock webbing, it could damage the tree your attached to and you better learn to tie a decent double knot or that planned nights sleep may be a lot shorter than you think 🙂

A Definite NO NO!

Don’t be fooled by the weight capability that Paracord gives you and start using it for climbing. Its true that it will easily handle a typical humans weight but its so far from proper climbing rope (and those properties that make it safe) that you’ll do yourself an injury (or worse).

Paracord Art

The practical side of Paracord is obvious but there’s also a number of people who use it from an arts and craft point of view. Bracelets and full size belts are a common project, but a quick google search shows the crazy (and amazing) things some very patience people are making with Paracord.

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