When your really into something you like to explore every aspect of it, no matter how weird they may seem. This is exactly where I found myself a few days ago when trying to improve my knowledge of cooking up wild food when camping.

You see while I’m happy dragging myself across mountains all day long and sleeping in some unorthodox places but always felt the one thing letting me down was what to eat once I got there. Knowing a few of the safe berries and which mushrooms to stay away from (especially the shrooms) sort of feels half a solution to eating wild food.

Rabbits seem to be in abundance in many areas at the moment and are by far one of my favorite meals when out and about but its always good to know how to cook the widest possible range of foods.

Tasty Slug

Would You, Really?

Digging around online for unusual food to eat is bound to throw up some interesting stuff and provided your careful you don’t stray to the darker corners on the Internet doesn’t have to be too traumatizing.

This is what bought me to a great article about preparing and eating common slugs. Got to say there are plenty of things higher on my list of food to eat but it does show that some people will try anything (once).

Slugs, Too Much Preparation for Food On the Go

Getting the slugs into a good enough shape to eat means caging them for at least two days beforehand and feeding them on nice green leaves in an attempt to rid them of toxins. Then you have to gut them, making sure you clean out all their workings to rid them of any toxins the forced diet has left behind.

This hardly makes them instant food and for my needs is far too much messing around just to fill my belly.

The Slug Toxin Effect

After a nightmarish week suffering at the hands of some less than fresh prawns the mention of toxins gets me a little anxious so dug a little deeper into what “slug toxins” could actually do if the preparation got screwed up.

Didn’t take long to find an account of a man who eat 2 raw slugs for a bet while at a party. Spending the next few months in hospital recovering from the brain swelling the slug toxins caused has probably curbed his wiliness to take on the crazy dares for life.

Reading through the article on what this poor man had to go through got me thinking about how many incidents of this there are each year?. What worried me the most is the way very young children go through the period before a degree of common sense kicks in where anything soft is considered food. They’ll happily chomp into any pet food left lying around, the pets themselves and even household plants unless you can stop them first.

The Path of Least Resistance

Although an interesting idea the thought of eating slugs and the potential problems if they aren’t dealt with properly put these so far down my list of possible food it’s never going to happen.

Mushroom soup anybody!

Here is the link for the post about cooking slugs and more information on the man who got very ill after eating slugs can be seen here.

Slug Courtesy of Wikipedia (Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license)

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