With its mountains and fast flowing rivers Wales has some excellent places to indulge in hair raising rafting. Only certain parts of some rivers are made available for white water rafting in Wales so activity centers have grown up around these areas as the sport has become more popular.

River Tryweryn (afon Tryweryn)

Tryweryn white water rafing

Tryweryn White Water Rafing

The river Tryweryn in north Wales is perfect for all year round white rafting as regular releases of water from a dam keep levels up during the summer months to the point where events can be preplanned safe in the knowledge that the river conditions will be right.

As the Tryweryn runs into the river Dee which is a major water provider for a big part of the country, extra flow in the summer helps to keep the Dee levels up and secure a valuable water source during the warmer months and produce some of wales best rafting in the process.

River Wye (afon Gwy)

River Wye

The River Wye

Being a rather gentle affair further downstream white water rafting on the Wye is done on the more volatile and exciting sections upstream.

Unlike the Trweryn this river does suffer lower levels between October and March.

Although rafting is still permitted during the dry seasons the number of people per raft is less as they use a smaller version suited to the conditions at this time of year.

River Teifi (afon Teifi)

River Teifi

The River Teifi

As the longest river in Wales rafting trips on the Teifi can last more than 2 hours with many changes in river condition along the route. Eventually running into the sea at Cardigan bay the river cuts it way through some of the least populated areas of wales.

The very nature of the Teifi makes it dependent on rainfall to feed it at the source and can be changeable, effecting the rafting experience.

River Dee (afon Dyfrdwy)

River Dee

The River Dee

Starting in the mountains of Snowdonia the 70 mile long river Dee runs through Gwynedd before reaching the sea on the coast of wales.

White water rafting is carried out around the Llangollen area of the river.

This area provides some good grade rapids under the right conditions.

The Dee is an all natural flow system that doesn’t use frequent releases from dam water to keep levels up and is generally useable all year round.

What You Need for Rafting

All your protection gear will be provided for you be the operator you are rafting with along with safety training.

You are required to be have a good level of fitness and be able to swim. Remember that swimming in a pool or the sea is nowhere near what you will experience trying to reach the bank in a fast flowing river, take this into consideration when judging your swimming ability.

Of course you are going to get very wet so a good change of warm clothing is needed.

White water rafting is a great experience and lots of fun, if you have never been then maybe this is the year to give it a go.

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