yosemite national park

Yosemite national park

America has some stunning national parks and California’s Yosemite is among the best. So what to do in Yosemite when you get there?.

If you are hiking around the park by foot you can choose from over 1000 Kilometers of trail which should keep you going for a long while. These trials will take you over mountains, through forests and round the shores of thousands of ponds and lakes.

 Best time of year to visit Yosemite

Yosemite is well known for its waterfalls which are most spectacular during spring powered by all the snow melt from the surrounding mountains and countryside.

The highest mountain in Yosemite is Mount Lyell soaring up to an impressive 13,120 ft but this is only one of the high peaks the park has to offer with others of note being Mount Dana (13,000 ft), Mount Gibbs (12,700ft) and Mount Conness (12,600 ft) so enough to keep the serious climber happy.

Covering a total area of 3,000 sq kilometers the park receives more than 3 million visits a year with 15,000 overnight permits issued for backpackers annually wanting to go camping in Yosemite.

We are lucky enough to have some pretty big open spaces here in the United kingdom but over 3000 square miles of parkland and mountains!, I would most likely wander off and emerge a few months later.

Because of the diversity of ecology in different areas of the park there is a wide range of wildlife, its no wonder that National Geographic have spent so much time filming the amazing landscape and animals in Yosemite. One thread that seems to run through most of the material I have read about camping out in Yosemite is about the nocturnal black bears searching around at night and the need to make sure all food is cleared away so as not to attract them.

This one is defiantly on my list.

Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia