In past years we have had so many plans for the sometimes short summer months in the UK but never seem to set a workable plan to follow. This year is going to be different as we are getting ourselves organized and making a list of what mountains to climb in 2013.

Sleeping on top of mountains without tents and using just sleeping bags can only be achieved successfully if the weather is good without any hint of rain, our kit is always packed and ready to go should mother nature grant us a few warm and clear nights.

Wild Terrain mountain climbing plan 2013

1   Malvern Hills  425 m

A gentle warm up after being inactive during the winter months the Malvern Hills are only about an hours train travel from home base and it only takes about 2 hours from train station to the summit.

Set in the county of Worcestershire the hills give great all round views and a slow walk across the hills on a nice day always gets the limbs ready for a summer of climbing.

2   Mount Snowdon 1085 m

Stunning views and the fun of watching the hundreds of people who climb this mountain on a good summers day makes Snowdon our favorite, sleeping on top can get really interesting especially when low cloud moves in and its like trying to sleep in the finest rain ever.

We usually try to climb and wild camp on  Snowdon at least 3 times a year if the weather allows.

3    Helvellyn 950m

There are a few ways onto the summit at Helvellyn and the route I take depends if Michelle is with me or not. She is not one for sheer drops and Helvellyn has some of the best (and scary) scrambling in england.

Wild camping has always been a challenge as the whole area is very barren with almost zero cover from trees or rocks on the summit.

4    Mynydd Maen 470m

Back to my childhood stomping ground, this is one of the few places where we can actually have a proper cooking fire. Mynydd Mean is part of an extensive range of south wales mountains with excellent views out over the Severn estuary and up into the midlands.

We once spent a whole week wild camping here moving to a different campsite every night. Heaven!

5     Scafell Pike 978m

Michelle is not the biggest fan of this one because of the constant scrambling it takes to get to the summit and walk around once up there. Always feel like you have climbed a much taller mountain by the time you get to the top but its great exercise.

Not the most comfortable mountain to wild camp on but over the years we have picked out some reasonable spots to sleep.

6     The Sugerloaf 596m

A few miles walk out side Abergavenny is another piece of rocky mountain that could do with a lot more vegetation on the summit. This is a great walk and once on top you get some lovely views with a clear view over to pen y fan.

The sheep that have made the top of the Sugerloaf their home can be an absolute nightmare especially when you are trying to bed down for the night as they really want to know what you have in your packs.

7     Ben Nevis 1344m

Another mountain that can get very busy in the summer months and another that I will be climbing alone. Michelle actually suffers from mild asthma so the sheer altitude of Ben Nevis with its thin air might be a bit of a problem for her. Have slept on the mountain before but always after taking the summit then coming back down a fair bit before making camp (way too cold on top to sleep comfortably).

2013 is going to be a busy year and we are hopefully going to try and fit in some climbing abroad at some point if time and work allows.

Happy Climbing

Carl and Michelle

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