Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina

The Prepper movement has long been deep routed in America and now it is becoming a notable social movement in the UK, so just what is a Prepper and should we all be looking to this way of life as an example for the future.

The definition of a Prepper can be broad and you may be one without even realizing, a Prepper is someone who takes measures and precautions should the worst happen. In some way most of us store something in case of emergency’s, a bit of extra food, extra fuel, alternative heat source or even just a fully stocked medical kit could define us as a Prepper.

Going All the Way

But these small measures are bordering on the unconscious without the foresight and serious planning that most committed preparedness enthusiasts carry out in the hope of keeping themselves, friends and family safe should the sky fall in.

As with every segment or social group of any society some are more passionate about the “cause” than others and these are the ones that the media like to expose to the world, more sales in a semi Xenophobic family living outside popular society and infrastructure then a middle class suburban family who just take precautions against the dark.

Given recent natural disasters and the ever increasing strain on the planets fuel and food sources who is to say what level of preparedness is the norm, I know what side of the fence I want to be on if the unthinkable happens. You see on a weekend wild camping trip I’m the guy who takes 3 ways of making fire, at least 2 pieces of communication equipment and enough dry clothes to last a week so by default this must make me a Prepper in training.

The more I read about the whole movement I see some logic in some of the practices and have started to make small provisions around the home along the lines of secondary light and limited food storage, also have been looking at a small diesel generator to keep the lights running. Even without suffering a huge catastrophe we have been left without power for many hours in the past and with a little thought wont have to go through it again.

What to Prepare for

What Possible Scenarios can we realistically defend ourselves against or just give us enough of an edge to be among the survivors.

Taking away the global killers events (massive asteroid, total pandemic, sun going out etc) we are left with a few local and worldwide situations where stocking up on fuel and food may be a good idea.

Nuclear War

Although this seems more unlikely these days than 40 years ago the technology behind a nuclear weapon cannot be unmade and will always be a threat. Even a so called “dirty bomb” utilizing low grade of even radioactive waste products can cause a huge death toll over time.

The statistics for surviving an all out nuclear war have never been clarified and any chance of coming through the initial attack will depend very much on location, and surviving the aftermath with a total break down of services will be a matter of your foresight on how much you prepared.

In the USA defense plays a big part in getting ready for any disaster so arming oneself to protect all you have put aside is routine, but the UK has a limited supply of proper firearms available to the public (nearly all illegal).

Localized Civil Unrest

Any local disturbance is likely to be over quickly once the authorities or army move in so the emphases in this type of situation would be the short term protection of home and family. Any prepper worth their salt will be prepared for a quick exit by making sure vehicles are running and fueled.

My study of this lifestyle is far from complete with a massive online resource to dig through along with talking to some die hard Preppers so will be editing and adding to this page as I go.

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