Making my 2016 wild camping bucket list at the moment (Lundy Island might be a problem) and it came to me that my view of the best places to camp are becoming increasingly on the dangerous side 🙂

Pitching your tent in a quiet and remote spot gives massive advantages over using the (sometimes restrictive) ‘legit’ campsites and everybody has their own reasons for going wild camping, but whats yours?.

windy welsh hillside

What Wales Looks Like when its Not Raining 🙂

Do you pick particular places for their outstanding views, the remoteness or just because its somewhere you can reach with minimal effort.

Lets face it, you’re going to be traveling a long way to find organized campsites that offer the scenery and the chance to get away from the rest of humanity (such as it is) that many wild camping spots give you.

A Wild Camping Mindset

Going on the other wild campers that I’ve spoken to over the years, there never seems any agenda when sleeping on a piece of random land, other than just to enjoy it. Maybe some feel a little frill or that their somehow doing it for a cause, but I’ve yet to meet them.

Personally, I rarely think about who’s land I’m sleeping on with the exception of when bedding down in more urban areas. Its not that I don’t respect those who own the land (go through my posts and you’ll see I’m very careful not to leave a mess or damage anything), but right to use the land in a responsible way should be more of a consideration.

Unfortunately, not everybody behaves the same way and this is why restrictions are put into place. Just look at the huge legal battle that’s going on around the Scottish lakes at the moment, in an attempt to try and cut down on the amount of damage that’s done each year to what is a beautiful part of the UK.

Having had years to get a whole list of regular camping places together that are fuss free and pretty much allow me to do what I want (including the occasional fire), I’m never short of a place to get out for the night, and no, I’m not sharing all of those here 🙂

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