Got to say I’m loving this new ‘Waffle’ category added to the website, there’s times when I feel like letting rip and cant place the post in any of the other sections. Not sure how you feel about it, but pretty sure I’ll find out in time 🙂 (one way or another).

So, the last few days have been most amusing with the onset of what feels like muscle pain down the top back of my right leg. Pain I’m used to, but this has that particular quality of going away when I’m walking and giving me hell when trying to sleep?

Its obvious I like walking (you’ve read this blog, right?), although having to get dressed half way through the night and wander around in the dark is taking its toll. Sleep isn’t an easy thing for me anyway, and this is starting to push at the boundaries of even my zombie like tired existence.

The Google Self Diagnosis

If you ever want to see any doctor get very annoyed, tell them what you think your aliment is because you’ve already looked it up on Google (hey! its on the Internet, its gotta be right).

50% fear of losing their jobs to cyborgs and 50% ground hog day as nearly every patient does it, means they’ll be struggling not to give you a quick face slap, all covered up on the pretense of testing your reflexes 🙂

One of my main thoughts on life is NO MATTER what you do for a living, your going to eventually have a bad day (unless your a cyborg maybe).

This is why arming myself with as much information as possible before visiting the dreaded doctor will a. stop me walking away with some useless ointment that’s going to be an embarrassment to collect at the pharmacy (again), and b. at least have some hope of first following then partaking in the conversion that’s about to go down.

If you’ve stopped halfway through this post, opened Google in another tab to help with my Diagnosis (bet you have), your probably staring at a page about Sciatica.

I’m no stranger to Sciatica and in a bizarre twist of fate, me and a previous partner both had it bad at the same time, leaving her young daughter to run around making sure with didn’t die of starvation/dehydration (bless!). That was the complete opposite of this though, and with a delicate combination of pillows and body position, we could at least get some sleep.

This pain when resting/no pain when exercising is a new one on me and the cause is hardly a mystery (dragging a heavy pack over half of the south west coast path), as Wikipedia quotes “Onset is often sudden following activities like heavy lifting” (no shit!).

Its all your Fault

Where’s the Med’s

Its takes a lot for me to go and do the doctor thing, and although I’m almost sure there’s sod all I can do but wait it out, there will be a point very soon where it may be crucial to hit the doctor up for something that’ll put me out at night before the sleep deprivation hallucinations start (and they’re NEVER fun).

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