The weather over the next few days has all the hallmarks of a typical British summer and for a minute when I looked out my window this morning at the rain, thought I’d mistakenly moved back home to Wales 🙂

Not complaining though as the last 2 weeks have been amazing with a nice long dry spell and some very high overnight temperatures (which I really took advantage of). A little water doesn’t bother me, but having a passion for high altitude camping means a trial by mud if I head out when the rain is this persistent.

Dark British Sky

Yep, its Raining 🙂

Even if it stops raining right this moment, all my favorite camping spots are going to be messy for days.

Giving the New Workstation a Bashing Instead

Having dealt with a small overcrowded desk to write for my websites (and do some gaming) for a long while, the recent house move gave me a lot more room with the end result being the lovely comfortable setup you see below.

new 4 monitor pc setup

Going Snow Blind Indoors?

The addition of another computer means I’m not put on hold when needing to process Go Pro videos along with a lot more space to move around and the ability to plow through the Internet while being able to work on my 4 websites all at the same time.

The desk was a nightmare to get upstairs (had to break it right down), but anything that’s more than doubled my work rate the way this has, is so much worth the struggle and its giving me the push to crack on with the brand new website idea that’s been kicking around in my head for ages.

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