Hiking water hydration backpacks give you all the fluid needed for a full days walking without having to deal with heavy bulky bottles. Because the water reservoir is hidden inside the backpack it has a great deal of protection from the heat of the sun and to keep things that much cooler for longer you can always slip a frozen ice pack next to the bladder or mix ice in the water before you set out for a days hiking.

Backpacks can take an absolute beating sometimes depending on the amount of usage they get and with a failure not an option miles from civilization quality is key when choosing one. Every once in a while we get lucky enough to find an absolute bargain but when a backpack is sold cheaply you have to ask yourself why and where in the materials used was that saving made and is it going to cause problems further down the line.

Looking at outdoor magazines we often see makes like Camelbak and Osprey rated as among some of the best when it comes to longevity and functionality.

Camelbak Fourteener 100 oz Hydration Pack

Water Hydration Backpacks

Camelbak Fourteener 100 oz Hydration Pack
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Even though you are carrying a full days water supply in your backpack the design of the storage leaves lots of room for food, survival kit and all the other gear needed for a long days trekking.

The backpacks have the kind of padding and back support needed to make them comfortable enough to carry the 3kg of water on top of all your other outdoor kit. Any good backpack should have a waist belt to even out the weight and this is an important feature when choosing a water storage backpack.

The Fourteener’s N.V.I.S back panel is all about keeping your back dry by doing everything possible to separate you from the backpack and increasing airflow to stop that uncomfortable sweaty back problem even on hot days.

Dimensions Length 20.5 inches, Width 10.5 inches, Height 10.5 inches, Weight 2.8 lbs

The first Fourteener was first released over four years ago with this newer version adopting some improvements like the much lighter water pouch. The one thing about Camelbak backpacks with or without the bladder is the generous quantity of ties and loops fitted to the outside that keep those awkward (or sharp) objects from causing any damage if they were place inside.

The Fourteener is among one of the many water backpacks that Camelbak make with a range of smaller and endurance packs available. Click here to see more Camelbak hydration backpacks

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