Just added another bunch of photos to the Wanderings Picture Gallery. These were all taken around the Perranporth area a few days ago and they’re more coastal images, like the ones in this post (you lucky people!).

Don’t worry though, if the weather stays on track for the weekend, there’ll be some camping going on and I’ll be doing a new video for YouTube. Obviously there’s going to be more pictures, but this time its going to be of me camping on the coast and not just the coast itself 🙂

Perranporth beach

My camera spits out HUGE pictures that are no good for the gallery plugin or the size of this websites backup files!, meaning everyone has to be resized (one at a time). This takes ages, but so worth it. I usually set the laptop up and work through them while doing other things.

Perranporth beach

Perhaps there’s a way to write a natty program or at least some complicated macros to automate this whole process, then I can sit down with a book while the computer does its thing (Heaven). Will have a bash at coding something over the next few days.

Perranporth coast walk

Coast Walk Rock Pile

cornish sea view sunset

coast path marker cornwall

coast path quarry

cliff edge

2 Responses to Wanderings Picture Gallery Keeps Growing

  1. AL says:

    Try the zip version of irfanview Carl.The author claims it will run on linux,just google the irfanview FAQ.It’s a good program,i have been using it for years (on windows) and has a great batch conversion tool.

    • Carl holpin says:

      Nice one AL, I’m going to have a look at that right now.

      Saves my coding something and ultimately reinventing the wheel 🙂

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