However you look at it more people choose to go camping when the sun is shining and the overnight temperatures are well above freezing, and who can blame them. Winter camping always has a touch of the uncomfortable with it, no matter how well equipped you are.

snowy country lane sm

It stands to reason that less people doing camping activities means less people searching the internet for information about camping. If you participate in any sport/pastime that relies on the weather then you’ll have an idea of what I’m talking about.

A Little Background About Wild Terrain

This blog was started about the middle of January 2013 and was a carry on from an old website I threw up. After working out that coding a big site in good old fashioned HTML was going to take the rest of my life (and possible some of the next), I switched over to WordPress.

Having a rough idea of how long it took to get meaningful visitors to a website the January start date meant I could (hopefully) have the site rocking in about 6 months. All was right on track and the site saw a steady visitor increase though the first half of the year and was working out just right, or so I thought.

Panic Stations!

When September rolled around in 2013 the amount of people visiting Wild Terrain had really kicked in, mainly because the blog was more established. Taking a break from monitoring the traffic stats and getting more work done, you can imagine the sheer panic at the end of September when a huge amount of those daily visitors had simply disappeared.

With traffic from search engines being one of the most volatile types of website visitors I first Imagined Google had taken a dislike to something and turned the taps off or my novice fumbling’s with WordPress had broken the blog.

It was only when someone (who had more common sense then me) pointed out that this was bound to happen because the blogs subject matter was HIGHLY SEASONAL, that the penny dropped..

It was so blatantly obvious that I still feel a bit of a Muppet for not spotting it 🙂

Here are the amount of searches made in Google for “camping”, the peaks you can see are from April to September.

camping seasonal website traffic

Google Search Results For Camping

This fluctuation in visitors doesn’t just come from the places like Google but right across the board with a lot less interest from social media and other traffic sources as the winter sets in.

The result is the traffic graph below, which clearly shows how this blog goes through a big “off season” every year.

wild traffic data

Wild Terrain’s Roller Coaster Traffic Stats


Its got much better after introducing more winter related articles but it still suffers from the basic fact that general interest in camping drops off in September and returns in April. These cold weather articles are being added slowly as not to change the direction the blog is going too quickly.

I would be a nightmare to lose all the summer visitors because the blogs main subject shifts towards winter camping as far as search results are concerned 🙂

As you can see the peaks are in July and August which makes sense (at least it does now) as these are big family holiday periods and camping’s a cheap way of getting the whole family away for a week or two.

This isn’t the only website Ive built over the last few years Ive been working online and although the others do have tiny changes in visitor levels throughout the year, its nothing like the few month “good traffic” window this one has to deal with.

Ahead To 2015

To be honest I never saw this blog as a project that would be getting much of my time but its turned out to be the one website I prefer working on, funny how things turn out.

Its these websites that have kept me indoors way too much in 2014 with a fair amount of chasing my tail going on. 2015 is going to be totally different altogether, not only has this blog settled into a good routine there’s also a more flexible work schedule in place for everything I do online.

Add to this new flexibility the additional help I now have in the form of a valuable person to do general website maintenance means a lot more time climbing mountains and sleeping in ditches 🙂

This is the last post of 2014 so I’ll wish you all a great Christmas and happy new year.

All the best


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