In an effort to keep pack weight down and still be able to do work online I’ve been going through what laptops I have available to find something workable (without having to buy a new one).

I really wanted to take my ageing (but so nice) Toshiba widescreen laptop. It has a full size keyboard for my shovel hands that I can type on at a good speed, all the right media slots for cameras etc, but it has a terrible battery life which means it will survive an hour (tops) away from the mains supply and it weighs way too much to be lugging around.

I wish, but never going to work out

I wish, but never going to work out

Next step down (size and weight) is a dinky Dell notebook that even with the mains charger is half the burden the Toshiba would be. I did Manage to squeeze Windows 10 onto it and that works OK’ish until you try to open up other programs and the whole thing falls over 🙂

Enter Ubuntu Linux

Being a bit of a nerd (and then some), I’ve dabbled around with Linux in the past but only out of curiosity. Things have seriously moved on with installation now much easier along with what looks like more stability in the different versions and a more ‘Windows’ like interface.

Notebook Running Ubuntu

Notebook Running Ubuntu

It runs pretty smooth on the notebook and I’ve even found a way of editing my Go Pro footage (although haven’t seen how this looks on YouTube yet!).

And the best bit is the whole operating system fits on a small USB drive meaning if the computer decides its had enough of life on the road, I can reinstall everything very quickly. Also as the notebook can be replaced pretty cheaply its not going to become a bank breaking expense if the worst happens.

So next time you see a slightly rough looking man sat in a coffee shop throwing back cappuccino while bashing at a tiny keyboard with fat fingers, come say hi as it could just be me!

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