Its been a long 2013 winter here in the UK and due to my new obsession with building websites I seem to have spent way too much time sat down while a computer screen slowing ruins my eyesight.

Worried about my lack of exercise this winter and if I will be able to manage some big mountain climbing this year I had decided to get out and do a serious long distance road walk to get all the muscles working again.

evesham road sign

There is a bypass that cuts a fair bit off the distance between Redditch and Evesham but it has no path and is dangerous to walk down especially if the ground is wet and can be very hard going with over grown verges full of various types of rubbish and bits of vehicles.

The great thing about the UK is the amount of old roads that are perfect for walking, usually having a good path or at least a verge wide enough to walk on. My walk started out in Redditch before walking down to Studley and joining the A435 for the long haul into the pretty little town of Alcester.

Leaving Alcester on the road to Wixford and ultimately Bidford-on-Avon you walk past the entrance to the great old house of Ragley Hall. When eventually reaching Bidford you take the road up through Salford Priors and Abbots Salford and carry straight on until reaching Evesham.

Its about 12 miles between Redditch and Evesham in a straight line but adding the little detours you have to do to its more like 14 Miles walking this route.

My prize

I have never been one for easing myself into things and generally bite off more than I can chew (10 days wild camping on a welsh mountain with no tent and just my trusty knife, walking up Mount Snowdon in a blizzard and getting the worst frost bit I have ever had) and this time is no different.

My feet that have been pampered all winter by not being used much now have 8 huge blisters and are swollen to the point where its hard to tell where the foot ends and the toes begin, that’s the price you pay for not breaking in a pair of new boots first.

But its all good as my fear on having so little exercise this year is gone and a few days from now my feet with be back to normal and I can start to look at doing some great mountain climbing this year.

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