This is a video from ‘Food 4 Adventure’, made during his virgin snowbound wild camp. There’s some great commentary all the way through the video as he attempts to cope with a number of problems.

The reason I love this video is for the frank way the doubts about his gear are expressed, but also the (mostly) very helpful comments that YouTube users have left in an effort to improve the experience of future trips.

A great video and Food 4 Adventure seems like the sort of guy how would have taken all the problems on-board and made a better go of it next time around.

One overriding concern is the cold feet caused by not wearing the right footwear to keep the snow out while getting to the chosen camping spot.

Double Up!

My main worry with this night out is the lack of redundancy (one lighter etc) and no solid plan for keeping warm in what was very cold overnight temperatures. Basic tools are normally the lightest parts of a camping kit and if you can’t bring 2, make sure you’ve got 3 🙂

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