Making a camp fire to cook on or to take the edge of the nighttime chill is simple for some, but as with anything in life it becomes easier with lots of practice and a few tips to get you on your way.

YouTube has long been a haven for instructional videos and you’ll find media covering a bewildering range of subjects with a huge selection of camping and outdoor offerings.

Once you’ve covered basic fire lighting and the techniques that make it possible (even in less than ideal conditions) there are some more adventurous things to try out. The first video covers the basic, while the other two take a different look at the type of fire you can build.

Basic Fire Making Methods

Some great tips for getting a fire going, even if the conditions aren’t perfect.

Swedish Fire Torch

Once you’ve got your log split, this is an easy but interesting type of fire to get on the go.

1 Log Long Fire

Not tried this one myself, could never take the time to cut out a big enough log (must have a go this year).

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