If your camping never extends beyond the nice ground offered up by organized campsites then the standard fare stakes bundled with new tents should last you a long time (provided you’re not leaving them behind). The same can’t be said when camping off the beaten track (or off season), where the ground can be unforgiving or frozen and stock tent stakes can get chewed up very, very quickly.

Throw in some rough weather and things can go badly wrong. Keeping a tent down in less than ideal conditions needs all the holding points working at their best, because the moment one gives way, the rest have to take up the strain, making it more possible that you, the tent and all your gear will be reluctantly moving location during the night.

You can always swap out the standard types for something a little stronger by going for Titanium Products. These come at a premium over regular replacement stakes (hey, its Titanium!), but taken good care of and not left in a field somewhere, they may outlive your current tent 🙂

Vargo Fluorescent Titanium Tent Peg

Vargo Fluorescent Titanium Tent Stake

Strength in Design

Even replacing the soft metal ‘hook’ type tent stakes with something stronger, the overall design still leaves you with a good chance of bending them. A change in design and material gives a ‘Y’ Shape Tent Stake made of strong lightweight aluminum alloy that can be purchased at a big price difference when compared to Titanium stakes.

10 Aluminum Alloy Y Shaped Tent Pegs

10 Aluminum Alloy V Shaped Tent Pegs

With more available surface area making contact with the ground they form a strong holding point. They also have the sort of shape that allows them to be given more of a whack without the risk of bending, which naturally gives more flexibility for camping on the sort of ground that would be the ruin of lesser tent stakes.

As with all simple to make camping items, theres a massive range of replacement stakes with a huge proportion adopting a glow in the dark system. At the very least this may prevent you missing one if your moving on at night or stop that all to common camping fail of falling into the tent in the dark 🙂

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