The blogs been a bit short on posts this month because the weathers doing its usual August thing (lots of wind/rain) and the destruction of my tent a few weeks ago has kept me indoors more than I’d like.

I’ve also moved (yet again) to a place big enough to handle my ever growing pile of radio. computer and camping gear. New home is only a few minutes from Fistral beach in Newquay and it comes complete with a sea view (sort of).

Newquay Sea View

The Seas out there, trust me

Tent Shopping Joy

Surprisingly there’s not too much in the way of decent camping kit to be had in Newquay as most of the shops aim toward the lower/cheaper/nastier end of the market, so they can offload a huge volume to the summer tourists who only want something they can put up for a bit of shade on the beach, but there’s a way around this.

Not having a local branch of my bank in Newquay, means when there’s need for something that can’t be done online, I have to head down to Truro. It can be a pain travel wise, but picking the right time of day really helps and it lets me have a wander around the better camping shops 🙂

Cotswold Outdoor have more of the high end gear with others like Mountain warehouse tending to sell a lot of their own branded equipment.

Enter the Zephyros 1 Person, 1 Pole Tent

Zephyros 1 Solo Camping Tent

Shiny and New Zephyros Solo Tent

Even though my old Vango was on its way out after a horrendous winter on the coast path, it was still a little gutting when the wind on St Agnes beacon tore it to shreds (was a fun not though). Loved the extra space of a bigger tent, but could seriously do without the extra weight now.

This time around I thought it was about right to give a single person tent a whirl and picked up the Solo Zephyros for £125. Its most likely cheaper online, although I much prefer to go to a real world store and buy camping kit because it lets me get ‘hands on’ with stuff before parting with money, along with giving me someone to shout at if things ain’t right 🙂

A Cooking Experiment

I’ve been after one of these Metal Box Wood Stoves for what seems like forever and couldn’t resist when I saw it on the shelf (discounted to £17). I’m not the biggest fan of cooking when camping and normally take dry food, but there are occasions when I like meat cooked over a wood fire.

Robens Logger Wood Camp Stove

Robens Logger Wood Camp Stove

Now that we are starting to get some rain in the UK and grass, heather and trees won’t suddenly burst into flames if you fart on them, its much safer to have a small fire while camping. I also don’t like leaving scorch marks on the ground (like those horrible square shapes left by disposable barbecues), so tend to pick spots with at least a bit of rocky ground if planning on having a cook out.

I’ve heard that this wood stove suffers a bit from the wind, and I’m interested to see how that goes.

Gotta Get Out There!

It never takes much to get me outdoors for a night and I’m itching to try the new tent, although some pesky little things means it might not happen this weekend. Still a few more bits and pieces to do over the next couple of days to make this recent house move complete.

On the other hand if I can shuffle stuff around somehow?, there’s a very remote possibility that a camping trip tonight could be squeezed in.

If all else fails, I’ll try to find an empty spot out on the coast somewhere tomorrow for a test of the stove.

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