A vast majority of people avoid the outdoors once the cold winter weather moves in, and who can blame them but if your out there all year round maybe you could try something new this year.

Build An Igloo

Tried this one several times but never managed to pull if off completely (yet) even though the last attempt wasn’t half bad, maybe this year will be the one. You do need a decent amount of snow on the ground and the powdery, almost icing sugar kind just won’t cut it.

The great video encyclopedia that is YouTube has more than enough full length videos with detail instructions on building igloo’s.

Ice Swimming

frozen lake

Although its something Ive never purposely gone out of my way to try, I believe the amount of freezing cold ponds and rivers tumbled into over the years does give me a healthy respect for the people who choose to do it on purpose.

Night Time Snow Hiking

snow at night

Away from the light pollution of built up areas the summer months require a torch if your going to be wandering round at night but when the snows on the ground its a different ball game altogether.

Even the darkest places have enough low level light to see where your going and if the sky is clear with a bright moon its even better. I like to do this while winter camping but depending on where you live it may just mean a short walk or drive to a suitable area.


Even though all of these activities can be accomplished alone I would recommend having someone with you, especially for the ice swimming and the Igloo (if only to make it easier)

Even though I venture out alone wild camping in the winter (its hard to drag people away from a warm house.), if your not experienced and don’t have proper safety kit please take someone with you.

Even a simple fall when the temperatures drop below freezing can put you in a world of crap (very quickly). Its also good to keep in mind that even with the right equipment hiking in snow is much slower and more tiring than normal hiking.

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