Turning a nice tidy 25 litre rucksack into something with a capacity more like a 50 litre, takes much over stuffing and a fair bit of throwing about. This is where my main camping carrier is at right now and even though I know its got to go, its like losing a long time friend.

Doubling up as my pillow (with careful rearranging of any pointy items), this pack has seen a massive amount of use over the last few years. Its been dragged up and dropped off most of the UK’s best mountains during its lifetime and I’m surprised it hasn’t epically failed while I’ve been using it.

Damaged Rucksack

Portrait of an abused rucksack

I can handle missing zips that used to hold the side pouches together, the absent drawstring around the lid that got lost on a messy rainy camp in wales, but now that the fabric of the rucksack itself is starting to split, its time to launch this piece of camping gear into the nearest bin.

Always being about the functionality inside of the looks, most of my equipment gets ground down to the point of failure before it gets replaced. This is exactly where this bloated rucksack is right now and the constant worry that its going to explode open one day is an element of danger I’m just not looking for in my wild camping trips 🙂

Its taking much more time to get everything packed in the right order so nothing falls out and you can imagine the fuss when trying to break camp in the mornings!

The Upgrade?

Always wanted a nice ex army Bergen and as luck would have it there’s an excellent army/navy stores about 10 miles away. The durability of these things speaks for itself along with the chance to get a pack big enough to take my ever growing selection of gear.

I don’t imagine its going to be a cheap option, but if I end up with a pack that’s going to take the rougher side of wild camping for at least 5 years, that’s got to be a good deal.

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