My single gripe with the Linux powered notebook I’m currently using (while on my travels) is the crazy length of time it takes to encode the videos from my GoPro. Its not a software issue, its just the tiny little thing doesn’t have enough horsepower to do the job quickly.

To give you some idea of what its like. Any media that needs to be made into a YouTube friendly version is usually left till I’m ready to turn in for the night. Then the notebook is all setup on the charger, I start things going and wake up in the morning to a finished video 🙂

Kdenlive Video Editing

Linux Video Editing Software = Kdenlive

In an effort to get the last video done in something approaching a realistic time, I asked around and found someone willing to lend me the use of a Windows 10 base unit for a few hours.

Windoze Really?

I’ve toyed with Linux over the years, but getting a decent version up and running used to be a lot more complicated than it is now, although well worth the effort if like me, you like to write a bit of code now and then.

I think time away from clunky Windows, along with the easy use of this version of Linux has turned me into a real Windoze hater!

Never the biggest fan of using someone else’s PC as there can be a lot of security issues you just don’t know about, but as it was only to get a video done in a hurry and not a session of online banking, I was all ready to go (that was until I hit the power button).

Here’s the issue… This notebook I’m currently using has trouble even running the excellent (and obsolete) Windows XP properly, but has a respectable bash at Linux and does pretty much everything I want of it. Where as the borrowed computer (with a decent amount of RAM along with i3 processor) struggled to deal with the basic task of starting up, never mind doing anything productive 🙂

10 minutes of listening to the hard drive whirl around while making small talk with someone I didn’t really know had me worried that it was knackered. The thing is I’ve seen enough of ‘other people’s computers’ over the years to know that they stuff them full of pointless crap then wonder why it takes a week to boot up.

A quick look around (once the computer had finally settled down) showed nothing too bad and it seems the only real problem was the massively BLOATED piece of software that is Windows 10!

Managed to get GoPro’s new editing software installed (which looks cool by the way), but there just wasn’t enough left once Windoze had gobbled up most of the resources to do anything with it. At this point I would have happily yanked out the Internet cable, formated the hard drive and whacked Windows XP on it, if only to show the owner what a computer goes like with a proper operating system on it.

If it ain’t Broke

Working out that this wasn’t going to fly took over an hour of my life and as the PC is only ever used for surfing the web, it was going to be alright ‘as is’, just not for what I wanted. 30 minutes later and my glorious notebook was setup for a 4 hour plus encoding session while I settled down in bed with a book for a lovely old man afternoon snooze.

When my big computers finally get taken out of storage, they’re all going over to Linux (or at least dual boot) because even the biggest gaming unit has problems running what Microsoft are spiting out these days and I’ve a feeling an allergic reaction at being forced to using Windoze again is a distinct possibility.

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