Like most people I have my own set of gripes, Quorn (why?), Moor hens (long story), people who eat while making You Tube videos (shootings too good), just to name a few from an ever growing list 🙂

Another one is those public footpath signs that randomly point you in a direction without a dam clue of where your likely to end up, its the hiking equivalent of buying a scratch card with your last pound coin.

The Cornwall Difference

Even though I’ve only been here a few weeks, much exploration has been taking place and I have to say that there’s a fair amount of signs down here in Cornwall that not only point you in a direction, but tell you where your actually going to end up (amazing idea!).

Chacewater footpath sign

See how easy it is?

And it just goes to show how handy this can be with the sign for Chacewater (pictured above) cutting at least a mile off a probable fatal trudge down the side of a very busy bypass. Judging by their pristine state, it seems these signs are much newer, and maybe (hopefully) this is the way things are going to be from now on (at least in Cornwall).

I feel like I should catalog these ‘named’ signposts and shame every other district in the UK to get their act together. There’s still plenty of the random types, but the sprinkling of ones with a direction is making wandering around the local countryside much more interesting (along with quicker and safer).

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