With the site entering its second year online much progress has been made in the last 12 months with a lot more content being added and our writing also seems to be escaping the instruction manual phase that haunted much of the earlier work on Wild Terrain.

Its safe to say we lost focus on the site in 2013 with one of the biggest disappointments being how little was written for the “out and about” section of the website, something we intend to properly sort out this year.

Winter Frost in Redditch

Although we didn’t reach the same level of time spent outdoors as most years there were still plenty of walking and camping trips in 2013 but we failed (spectacularly) to document them properly leaving us with very little content to create articles from. Ive tried to tell Michelle (the other half of Wild Terrain) its because we were enjoying ourselves too much but she just gives me the “sort yourself out look” signalling an end to the conversation 🙂

Some New Tech

Even though our trusty digital Kodak camera has done well over the past 12 months both for producing some great photos and surviving a whole year without me breaking it, a new 20 megapixel camera courtesy of saint nick himself is going to make a great difference to the pictures taken outdoors. Editing photos for use on a website is so much easier when they have a high resolution to start with and we just need to find it a completely waterproof bag before it goes anywhere near a wet UK Mountain.

Must Do’s for 2014

Michelle’s aspirations for this year are summed up with the statement of sleeping on as many mountain tops as possible which is a good goal and those high altitude wild camping trips are always fun but there is one place I want to revisit that I just cannot perused her to join me on.

Having dragged myself around the whole of the South West Coast path (in stages) the section between Dawlish and Dartmouth sticks in my mind as the hardest bit of the 630 mile route with steep climbs and amazing woodland areas that add 20 degrees to any daytime temperatures. Going back to walk this piece of coastline this year will be a great addition to a full year of wild camping and mountain climbing.

January has been mild so far this year in the UK but as we all know February’s weather can easily turn into a nightmare but were hoping its going to be different in 2014.

Whatever you have planned for the coming year please stay safe and above all enjoy yourself.

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