Its been proved time and time again that a little bit of information can make the difference between life and death in disaster situations. For seasoned pros things are almost second nature but for this rest of us a chunk of learning can quickly bring us up to speed, this is where The Ultimate Survival Manual By Rich Johnson comes into the picture.

The Ultimate Survival Manual By Rich Johnson

The Ultimate Survival Manual By Rich Johnson

The book goes through the basic survival techniques that highlight why commonsense has saved many people over the years before diving into some of the more extreme situations you could well find your yourself in.

Layout is simple and clear with searching done via a list of all the topics covered in the book and the sections containing the real life encounters really go a long way to giving an understanding of what to do and what should be avoided.

Who Is This Book For?

Experienced outdoor types will pick up a few tips from this book, especially if your not used to dealing with animals or catching your own food. What the book does very well is cover the basics and coupled with the easy format and story boards makes it an easy read for the novice.

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While most topics will be useful for everybody mainly because the author has thrown a mix of wilderness and urban crisis scenarios into the book, topics like fighting off bears and dealing with sandstorms are only going to ever be experienced by those who live (or travel) to certain areas of the world.

One thing that does stand out though is the books formula which makes it a little easier to get through than your typical survival manual.

Ultimate Survival Manual Inside View

A Mix Of Story Telling And Factual Information

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