Now the warm months are with us its time to start spending nights at altitude again and while drawing up a battle plan of places to go this year thought it would be a great idea to show our favorite places for a spot of no tent wild camping.

Having just managed to extract a few years of wild camping photos from a messed up hard drive its great to see some of our older photos laid down for everybody to see. Did make a complete backup of the hard drive but this got “lost” in a very brutal clean up of junk around the house.

Found some wild camping video along with the pictures and will be whacking it up on our YouTube channel after a bit of editing (and a check for swearing).

3. Pen Y Fan

Seriously underused in our opinion the walk out to Pen Y Fan from Breacon can be grueling on a hot day but so worth it. The kicker right at the end is actually getting on to the peak as the last bit of the assent is very steep.

pen y fan summit 3

The Other Half of Wild Terrain (Michelle) Happy to be Coming Down the Mountain

One of the problems with camping on mountains is finding somewhere even remotely flat to sleep. Not a issue with the summit of Pen Y Fan as its almost completely flat with the only downside being that it retains water well leaving the top still a little damp even a few days after rain.

pen y fan summit 1

The Summit Of Pen Y Fan in All its Glory

Don’t Feed the Sheep!

Last time we sleep on Pen Y Fan I made the mistake of throwing a couple of cheese balls to the sheep to see if they would eat them, big mistake!. It must have been the best thing they ever tasted and they never left us alone after that.

pen y fan summit 2

View from Pen Y Fan Looking South (ish)

2. Mynydd Maen

Mynydd 3

The Unmistakable Landmark Twmbarlwm

Always good to have a trip back to my homeland of Wales and the mountains around Mynydd Mean was where I learned all about camping as a kid. A huge area there are so many different places to wild camp and as the jump off point is sort of in the middle you can easily choose one of the many locations without going too far out of your way.

Getting around is easier enough with plenty of trials to follow that can get very muddy when it rains. If you have a good idea of where your going cutting across the bracken is much quicker but your feet can get very wet and its best to wear some wellies or a pair of waterproof gaiters.

Mynydd 2

The Old Reservoir above Cwmbran

With an intimate knowledge that comes from years using the area its the place I feel most safe when sleeping out and if things do go very wrong I Know there are people I can rely on a few miles away.

Mynydd 1

Me, Getting Way to Dirty Building a Fire

Love camping around this area as its one of the few places where we can get a proper fire going without anybody bothering us while trying to cook.

1. Snowdon

snowdon 3

The Iconic Snowdon Mountain Railway

Snowdon is dubbed the busiest mountain in the UK and if you’ve ever climbed it on a hot bank holiday Monday you know what we mean. Its a hell of a climb especially when your carrying gear for an overnight wild camp but once the sun goes down your almost guaranteed the peak to yourself.

snowdon 2

View from the Summit of Snowdon

In all our years of sleeping out on Snowdon I can count on the fingers of one hand the amount of people we have encountered on the top during the night. The sheer height does bring complications like the natural drop of temperature at altitude along with the possibility that you’ll be sleeping in clouds (imagine the finest drizzle ever).

snowdon 1

Walking through the Clouds up Snowdon

And the Worse Place?

Its all good listing the best but what about the worse place we’ve been?. That prize has goes to the sugarloaf mountain outside Abergavenny. Not only is it nearly all sharp rock on top (very uncomfortable) its inhabited by the most curious and annoying sheep in the world who refuse to leave you alone.

That said it is a nice moderate walk through some great countryside during the summer and its in Wales which is always a plus point 🙂

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