Here we go, time to get used to the logistics of living in the middle of nowhere….

Left Truro late last night, things were a bit of a rush and I forgot to pick up some cash. This meant over a 3 mile walk to the nearest cashpoint/shop early this morning (roughly 7 miles round trip!).

Was a fine morning though and deciding to do it before people started heading out to work saved the hassle of trying to navigate a pedestrian unfriendly road during all the morning work traffic. Only half a mission success and ended up with cash stood outside a shop that didn’t open for another hour.

Will have to get in the habit of stocking up on supplies in advance as not to spend too much of my time here wandering down lanes doing my best to not get run over or cause accidents 🙂

Compared to Truro its very quiet around here and will be scouting out all the local walks over the next few days along with taking some nice video of the nearby coast path if the weather choses to be kind.

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