While messing around in Google images this morning looking for some outstanding ice sculpture pictures, I accidentally stumbled on an artist called Simon Beck, who does some grand things with snow covered landscapes.

The picture below is from his Facebook photo stream which you can find here. There’s plenty more of the same to look at and hopefully you’ll be as amazed as I was with the scale of his work. The ski lift in the right of this picture helps to give the design a sense of scale.

simon beck snow art

Large Scale Snow Art Courtesy of Simon Beck

He’s also got together a mass of snow art pictures and bundled them up into a book and if your interested you can find all the details at Snowart.Gallery


The more I look at the pictures it sort of makes sense how these patterns are formed and I wonder if and how often a birds eye view is needed to keep on track of the finished design. I also imagine weather has ruined a fair few half completed designs and its something Simon surely keeps an eye on before starting out.

Going to dig a bit deeper into exactly how these designs are done and the length of time involved then all I’ll need is the snow the met office keeps promising is going to blanket my part of the UK 🙂

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