You know how it is, you keep plugging away at a project and it starts to get more and more messy over time until you’ve forgotten the look you were going for in the first place.

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This is what was rapidly happening to this website and when trying to navigate around your own creation leaves you dazed and confused you know its way past time to get things back in order.

Getting Around Easier

We had too many categories and a little bit of trimming, deleting and creating better ones has made much more sense (and made the structure of the website better). This has made the top menu bar the number one jumping off point into all subjects instead of blundering around hoping to stumble on the exact thing your looking for.

Showing Us The Way Forward

Just the act of stopping sometimes and taking a good look at what you’ve created is a great source of inspiration for how things should go forward. Its good to visit some of the first things we put up on this website even if a touch scary at how bad the writing was 🙂

After having a good memory refresh of what’s gone before and the ability to see what’s in each section of the website it gives us clarity on the sort of stuff we want to do in the future, along we identifying weaker subjects that could do with a lot more work.

We hope you find the layout much easier to work with and if you have any suggestions please drop us an email via the contact page or leave a comment below.

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