As another summer draws to a close its time to look forward to some excellent winter wild camping. Don’t get us wrong we live for those long hot summer nights (and its been a good one in the UK this year) but there’s nothing like the added challenges that camping on a snow covered mountain bring.

Winter Wild Camping

Who cares if we are suffering under the extra weight from heavier winter gear it just helps to keep us warming when hiking. For anybody who doesn’t know we specialized in minimalistic wild camping on mountains and although the wintertime does take a bit more timing where the weather is concerned it never stops us from having a go with a few very interesting no tent wild camps on a snow bound mount Snowdon under our belts.

Sure we could limit wild camping to the summer but where would be the fun in that, its being able to push yourself a little bit more that makes you glad to be alive even at 10 below.

5 Reasons Why Winter Camping is so Good

1. Walking around in the dead of night when the snow is heavy on the ground without needing a flashlight.

2. Trying to find dry wood for a fire and once assembled getting the fire going (Oh how we laughed)

3. That lovely bracing run around in the morning to get the feeling back in your arms and legs

4. Not having to worry about your favorite wild camping spot already occupied by fair weather campers

5. The complete astonishment when you tell all the winter cave dwellers what you did on the weekend.

New Season, New Kit

After breaking the bank this year and splashing out on some new cold weather gear for the Wild Terrain duo we will be taking one or two trips to Wales to break the kit in before the cold and rain really sets in. Got so used to how the old stuff worked that we would rather spend a few easy nights testing the new kit than it failing when needing it the most.

Ive been reading a lot recently about the early mountain climbing pioneers and the materials used in their survival gear, the absolute last thing we would consider wearing today mainly due to the weight and poor insulation. Makes me glad that the technology has moved on so much giving us plenty of outdoor lightweight gear.

To all those who enjoy the outdoors in the winter just as much as during the summer months have a great time and stay safe.

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