You know that feeling when you find your Sky box has secretly been recording a favorite program and your suddenly served hours of viewing to enjoy.

Well that’s roughly whats just happened to me, but with YouTube instead of the TV.

Let me explain 🙂

Dave of Dave’s wild camping stopped updating his website a long time ago but kept uploading the odd video to YouTube and I sort of lost track of what he was up to even though I thought I’d subscribed to his channel (fixed now).

Dave in action on a very windy Souther Fell

Dave in action on a very windy Souther Fell

Thinking that the videos were getting fewer and farther between, I didn’t give it a second thought (until now) because while having an extended trawl of YouTube for some new wild camping videos to watch, I happened across Dave’s channel and its full to the brim with 2017 summer wild camping vids that I’d completely missed (yah!).

Dave really spent a lot of time outdoors this year and it looks like he is carrying on into the winter months also. You can see Daves videos (new and old) over at


5 Responses to The Big Daves Wild Camping Catch Up

  1. Craig Thomas says:

    I’m missing the master chef work his magic. Haven’t seen a UTube video in a few weeks and I got spoiled expecting one per week. I’d settle for a “Hey I’m okay, it’s just too cold outside” video from him.

    • Carl holpin says:

      That’s just Dave, I think he enjoys getting out much more than doing the web side of things. He will resurface soon enough 🙂

  2. Thanks bud. Your right with that one. Stroll on the winter months.

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