Having someone there at your side when doing a spot of wild camping can make things a lot more entertaining but there’s also benefits to going it alone.

Written from a personal perspective here are my all time reasons why solo wild camping is sometimes a much better experience.

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Choices, Choices and More Choices

I’m all up for compromising with the wishes of a group, after all you want everybody to enjoy themselves but going it alone means you can do whatever you please. From last minute changes of camp ground to extending the trip by a few more days if you’ve plenty of energy left, not having to deal with other people gives the ultimate in flexibility.

Hiding The Truth

Making huge screw ups when there’s no one about can be like they never happened and apart from a little bit of self embarrassment that’s as far as it needs to go. On the other hand having people around when you make mistakes means your never going to hear the end of it and if there’s pictures or video you know they’ll end up all over social media 🙂

A Better Stealth Approach

Being as silent as possible is a must sometimes when camping on someone else’s property and its much easier for one person to hide out of the way than a larger group.

Rocking up at night and setting camp doesn’t give much chance to see what’s nearby and on more than one occasional Ive found myself a lot closer to a landowners house than I’d prefer.

Unless your prone to talking loudly to yourself going solo does automatically keep noise to a minimum.

No Differences In Stamina

Groups will always move along at the pace of the weakest member and this can be a real pain sometimes if your up for another 10 miles of hiking when all around you are dead on their feet.

It helps if you’ve been wild camping with people before so you have a rough idea what they are capable of and can set a pace everybody is comfortable with but can be a drag it that’s a speed much slower than your own.

Trekking around on your own means you can half kill yourself just to reach a certain camp spot if you wish and there’s no one to complain about it.

Camp Ground Preferences

I pretty much accept any piece of ground that’s flat enough so I don’t start sliding in the night with everything else up for grabs. Not all wild campers are as easy to please and you can find yourself walking a lot further than you originally planned looking for “a better spot”.

This also applies to a sense of safety with many other campers I know preferring to be miles from the nearest house or farm before they’ll bed down for the night.

The One Huge Problem With Solo Wild Camping

Heading out on your lonesome takes a big chunk out of the safety level even if your only doing a spot of local wild camping. The danger factor really increases when trekking long distances or exploring very remote areas on your own.

There is no time when 1 person camping is ever safer then a group (unless the other people just happen to be total idiots) and there are a few places that I’d always prefer to have company and rarely venture there on my own.

Over To You….

If you have anything you’d like to add to this list please leave a comment below.


To all the people I regularly head out with please don’t read too much into this post as I do enjoy the times we spend together and I know a few of you have many of the same preferences listed above 🙂

2 Responses to The Best Things About Solo Wild Camping

  1. Martin says:

    I like the ‘Hiding The Truth’ one. This also applies to hiking in general, no one there to see how you missed the turn and added 90 minutes onto the walk (as I did a couple of weeks back)!

    • Carl holpin says:

      Yeah being alone does save a lot of grief 🙂

      After a 5 hour trek I once ended up on a completely different mountain to the one I was shooting for. Not really a problem as I,ll sleep anywhere, its just the area was where I grew up in Wales and I just got turned around.

      Easy to do!

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