After what’s seemed like a very mild winter here in the UK, it looks like the weather has finally turned a corner and there’s good times ahead. In an effort to get fighting fight for a summer of mountain climbing and hiking, last Friday was spent dragging ourselves over 20 miles of beautiful canal towpath.

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Starting out from home base, walking towards Birmingham then heading off in the direction of Wolverhampton, we originally planned to go all the way but had to cut out early and get the train home when the legs couldn’t take anymore. The closeness of the train track near these stretches of canal makes walking them til you drop easy as there’s always a transport link to use 😉

Wellies Would Have Been Better

As usual at this time of year its hit and miss what state the canal paths will be in and although great care is taken of them near more populated areas, the quality of the ground beneath you feet falls off very quickly as you head on out into the countryside.

In my infinite wisdom I thought a pair of trainers would get me through as there’s not been much rain lately. How wrong was I, after at least 3 miles of trudging thorough thick mud you couldn’t see my trainers and they had to be hosed down once we got home.

Its An Age Thing!

So here I am 2 days later and still aching in places I didn’t know existed. Gone are the days of walking 30 or 40 miles in a day, spending a night on a mountain and still have a spring in my step the next day.

Have to pick my game up or the planned mountain climbing this summer is going to be hard going.

Note to self, must get more exercise in the winter time 🙂

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