One of the worst things I’ve done in the past is drag a brand new tent out on a wild camp only to find there’s important bits missing (like poles, happens more than you know) and then be absolutely screwed for the night. Its that wild camping routine of not setting up till its almost dark that causes the issue because by then its too dark (and I’m usually too tired to drag myself off a mountain) to do a dam thing about it.

Yes, I am the man who just lay the tent flat on the ground, crawled in and wiggled into my sleeping bag. Not the best nights sleep I’ve ever had, but maybe a little better than my emergency bivy.

Now I make a point of putting up new tents not only to check all is good but also for a little practice getting it all together, because you can pretty much guarantee that the first time use of a shiny new tent will be done in the rain/dark/wind (or all three).

Vango Banshee Pro 300 Video

I’ve had my eye of this Vango Banshee Pro 300 for a while now and with this extended camping trip on the cards it was all the excuse needed to go pick one up, would be nice to have it in another color than Pine green though!

Looks good on paper with a 5,000mm hydrostatic head, a door on either side (might tie warp one of these up for safety at night), a decent ground sheet and my backs gonna love the under 3 kilos weight. Websites have this tents capacity marked as 3 man and even though its pretty spacious inside those 3 men won’t be clones of me 🙂

Surprisingly the cost of the Banshee on both Amazon and eBay are pretty much the same.

This is another test in its own way as its the first Go Pro video processed entirely on the laptop I’ll be taking along on my travels and I’m almost happy with it considering its such a low end computer. There’s still some improvements that can be made to the quality (this will get better the more familiar I am with the new software).

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