Sometimes the weight of the camping gear we carry makes all the difference between an enjoyable trip and an unbelievable slog, especially if your walking some distance to a favored camp ground.

Its not just hikers who benefit from lightweight camping equipment but also those campers who used bikes as a means of getting around.

HealthPro Lightweight Titanium 3 Piece Cookware Set

HealthPro Titanium Lightweight 3 Piece Camping Hiking Cookware Set

HealthPro Titanium Lightweight 3 Piece Camping Hiking Cookware Set

To help keep the size down when packed away each piece nests inside the other (as all good camp cookware should).

Add to that the included mesh storage bag that can be tied to a backpack if your running low of internal space.

Made up of a 13.5 oz frying, 27 oz pot and a large 40.5 oz pot.

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HealthPro Titanium mesh storage bag

The Cook Set Nested and Packed in Storage Bag

  • Super strong titanium construction
  • No corrosion or rusting and doesn’t leave a taste on food
  • Nested for easy storage and carrying
  • Can be used as a double boiler system

  • Why Choose Titanium Cookware?


    Apart from the extraordinarily lightweight benefits of titanium its also very strong when compared to other metals used for cookware (aluminum etc). This strength allows the cookware to survive conditions where it may get bashed about (like camping) and helps it to remain usable over longer periods of use.

    Properly made titanium gets to a working temperate quickly and gives a even heat distribution. The nonstick properties promote easier cooking and cleaning that doesn’t involve effort of harsh detergents.


    Even though titanium is still going to have a premium cost over other metal types, times are changing and its much cheaper these days. This lower price has given access to everyday users instead of titanium being a very specialized piece of camp gear.

    Getting the Most From Your Camp Cookware

    You’d think that the majority of wear and tear that camping cookware suffers happens while its on the fire, but storage and incorrect cleaning can leave the cookware in a terrible state.

    Regardless if its made of Titanium or one of the other common metals used, taking the time to learn how to look after your set properly will extend its life (and save you money).

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