Walking around all day in the hot sun can really cause problems for your poor brain and its always a good idea to wear the right sun hats for hiking. Choosing a suitable hat is easy enough as long as you take care with the type and color of the material.

The Right Material

Hat Color

Lighter colors reflect the suns rays a lot better than dark ones and sun hats are produced in lighter shades for this very reason. Wearing a dark colored hat all day in the sun is just as bad as not wearing one because as the hat absorbs the sunshine and heats up so does your head.

Hat Weight

If your going to be out walking all day the last thing you want is a heavy hat on your head for hours at a time so the less the hat weighs the better. With all the lightweight materials available to sun hat makers at the moment the weight will almost certainly be taking care of for you.

Breathable Hat

NRS Lower Salmon Sun Hat-Light Brown-L

Lower Salmon Sun Hat
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Letting some air circulate around your head is only going to help to keep things cool and looking for a hat that is breathable either through some built in venting or made of breathable material will benefit you in the long run.

Hat Design

Anything you can do on hot days to keep the sun off your head is only a good thing and any light colored hat will offer some benefit. A cap with a peak will keep the direct sunlight from your face but leave the neck exposed (one of the most common areas for sun burn). To get all round protection choose a hat with at least an all round 1 inch rim that will shade your face and neck at the same time.

A loose fitted hat with some gap between the top materiel and the top of your head will help to produce more air flow and act as a better insulator from the suns heat much better than any tight hat every would.

NRS River Of No Return Sun Hat-Brown-L

River Of No Return Sun Hat
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The Real Risk of Sun Stroke

Although sun stroke is seldom fatal some very bad cases can leave the victim with long term neurological problems that can never be cured.

The effects of too much sun can build up very quickly in adults and even quicker in the young so please take care this summer when out and about. Always ensure you have more than enough fluid for your hike and cover those heads in the sunshine.

For more information about sunstroke please read our How to Avoid Sunstroke post

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