Last Saturday started off well, and only got better as the day went on. Quickly throwing bed roll, sleeping bag and some supplies into the pack, I headed out across the coast path towards Newquay for what turned out to be a top ‘no tent’ wild camp.

Had a few thoughts on where I was going to sleep but as always these things change when some place catches my eye and ending up in a great brand new spot with views out across Newquay.

St Agnes to Newquay Coast Hike Video

Would have got this video up yesterday, although I’m still doing everything on my little notebook and instead on tying the thing up for 8 hours (yeah it took 8 hours to process this video!), I set the editing up last night and woke to a finished video this morning.

The coast is starting to come alive with places I walked through on my muddy coast trek in February, now waking up as the warm weather kicks in.

I slept really well out under the stars (no change there), all nice and warm tucked up in my 2 season bag with nice overnight temperatures of about 9 degrees 🙂

As usual I took far more pictures than needed for this post and all the rest have been added to the Wanderings Gallery

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