This ones been taunting me ever since first zipping past it while rushing to find a camp spot (in failing daylight) during my SWCP winter mudfest. Other things have constantly got in the way (dam you real life!), but making sure I had nothing to do today, I packed some meat sarnies, copious amount of water, a book and the firm plan to chill out on St Agnes Beacon for a few hours.

St Agnes Beacon Trig Point

St Agnes Beacon Trig Point

From below this peak so reminds me of Twmbarlwm (Wales) although it doesn’t quite have that nipple effect on top (if you know ‘the tump’, you’ll understand what I mean). Having been up a lot of the better mountains/hills in England and Wales, its a buzz to drag my old bones up somewhere new.

St Agnes Beacon Road Sign

St Agnes Beacon Hike Video

The height above sea level isn’t that great (630ft), but in relation to the surrounding area, its pretty exposed on the top. This does add to the general wind speed, although sloping off around one side was enough to find a place to sit in comfort.

View from St Agnes Beacon1

Views are impressive, with the generally flat surrounding countryside doing absolutely nothing to get in the way!. There’s a clear run up the coast (Perranporth way) along with being able to just about make out Truro (about 8 miles away).

View from St Agnes Beacon2

View from St Agnes Beacon3

This walk is also the chance to judge the place for some future summer wild camping and it looks good. While I’m more than happy to bed down just about anywhere, its much better to know where your going beforehand, and can save time scouting around for a tidy spot to sleep.

My New Shack

If it’s got Internet, I’m Moving in 🙂

Did happen across this little run down shack and got to thinking wouldn’t it be great to move into it (just for the summer). A little fixing up of the place and it’d be fine, don’t you think????

St Agnes Beacon Signpost

Beacon Tump

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