Knew it was on its was and thought I could maybe sideswipe it but after struggling over a 3 mile stretch of the coast path this afternoon (after a very cold night in the tent) its time to take a pause to see what happens with the weather overnight. The funny thing is that just before the blizzard arrived out of nowhere I was listening to the radio about the grief Scotland is having on and thinking how lucky I was to have missed it 🙂

Nasty White Stuff

Nasty White Stuff Pendeen Today

Camping in the snow has never been an issue for me (much prefer it to rain), but my worst fear is if the -3 temperatures due overnight freeze what’s now laying all over the coast path it could be a crazy day tomorrow. This reminds me of the crappy rain that got in my way right at the beginning of this trip.

As luck would have it the very first person I saw while battling through the snow white out on my way into Pendeen offered the use of their land for me to camp on. Its a sweet spot with all the wind cover I need to survive the strong wind tonight (hopefully) with the added bonus of being very close to a pub with decent WiFi, a great line in cheap coffee and understanding landlord.

All this is made even more devastating by the fact yesterday was such a great day. Found the very nice Ayr Holiday Camp in St Ives on Monday night which has it all going on. Heated toilets/showers, a great laundry along with site wide free WiFi. Having the net in my tent was a trip and I only wished my little dell notebook was equipped with a nuclear power source 🙂

camping ary holiday park

Look!, No Tent Slant

The combo single toilet/shower is interesting though and if you angle the shower head right its actually possible to take a shower while using the toilet (is that the ultimate time saver or what?)

combo toilet shower

Combo Toilet/Shower

The walk yesterday from St Ives to Zennor was one of the hardest yet with the path disappearing under a few miles of huge boulders, making the whole thing a complete scramble (glorious!).

coast path zennor

Spot The Path!

coastal path st ives

Coastal Path St Ives

Also picked up a walking partner for the route in the form of a very quick Chinese lady called Judy. We had a great chat along the way and her detailed knowledge of this section of path showed me things I’d have otherwise missed. We parted ways in Zennor so I could carry on down the coast path to find a camping spot while she took the quicker field route back to St Ives.

camping outside Zennor

Camping outside Zennor

Met a middle aged couple too yesterday who like many didn’t understand that a mile of coastal path just isn’t like walking a mile down the road. They had their hearts set on catching the last bus back to St Ives although they had no hope in hell of covering the ground in time (proper footwear and some water wouldn’t have gone amiss either).

Saw them while drinking coffee outside the pub in Zennor and that was not going to be a happy rest of the day for either of them 🙂

mining ruins

Mining Ruins

coastal sunset

Coastal Sunset

Star of the Show is….

Got to big up my notebook which has worked flawlessly so far (famous last words) and I’ve even got so used to working with the light Linux operating system that it feels not too far away from using my Windows 10 PC’s that have gone into storage.

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