After a few days of hiding from the blizzards in windy Penzance I’ve escaped and have been happily splashing my way down the coast path again. At the moment the path is a beautiful combination of leftover snow that goes past the knee if you step in the wrong place and huge puddles of muddy water that can’t be avoided at all.

storm puddle on coastal path

Snow Melt Puddle, Time for a Swim 🙂

snowy coastal path

Last of the Snow Hiding from the Sun

With that said, the frustration of hanging around and waiting for conditions to get better along with all the rest I had, put a good pace on my walk and I stormed out of Penzance on what is a very easy section of the coastal path.

penzance long view

Penzance in the background (best place for it).

The chance to trim, clean, repack my kit and recharge all the electronics I’m carrying was most welcome. I’ve put together a nice long video of my first glorious night after the Penzance escape which will be added to this post in the next few days once it processed (anything over 10 mins takes ages on this little Dell Notebook).

Last 3 Wild Camps

Since Penzance there’s been 3 good nights (if a bit dirty) out wild camping. The first just outside Porthlevn was a fantastic camp that ticked all the boxes as far as quiet location and flat ground goes.

The second was a lucky find just short of Mullion and a severe compromise as I was walking until almost all the daylight had gone just to avoid the camping among the various animals that were grazing on the common land.

The tent was on a slant (so used to that by now), but all in all it wasn’t too bad with at least some shelter from the wind.

Number 3 was in Mullion itself where I managed to squeeze the tent into about the only clearing in a piece of woodland that it would fit into.

Wild Camp Mullion

Wild Camp Mullion (Tight Fit)

I’m becoming increasingly impressed with how helpful everybody is once they realize your not going to crap all over where your camping and other peoples kindness has made the winter coast path walk that much easier.

Trying to Keep Dry

With the path being so mucky at the moment it only takes a few nights wild camping before everything gets all mucked up again, so I’ve cut of the path into Mullion for a clean up along with more supplies.

The leftover snow melt and the constant rain isn’t bloody helping at all to put the path back into a shape that doesn’t requires sliding everywhere, but hopefully a few sunny days will dry it up enough to be more user friendly.

Most impressed with Million harbor which is up there with one of the most picture worthy places seen so far on this trip. See pictures below…

Mullion Harbour

Mullion Harbour

Mullion Cove

Mullion Cove

The Big Pause

Even though most of my days are spent in wet muddy clothes and keeping anything dry for longer than an hour is impossible, the problem at the moment is I’m just not getting enough time to do work and have fallen seriously behind with EVERYTHING.

Those pre trip days where I thought it would be possible to get by with the odd visit to steal a coffee shops WiFi (was it seems) just a pipe dream. It would be nice to wander around the rest of the coast path without a care in the world, but its going to be a nightmare without some sort of income (I mean how the hell am I going to get my daily coffee fix!)

This isn’t the end its just a chance for me to catch up, bank some money and carry on in a bit. On top of this is the fact that I’ve already chopped the path up because the weather was so difficult (something that just doesn’t sit right with me) means that a pause now will only mean that when I resume the weather (should) be that much better.

I’m currently on route to set up in Truro until my affairs are in order 🙂

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